A colorful menu–some of our favorites

Soups & entrees

Goulash Soup
veal goulash with vegetables, potatoes, caraway, sweet and hot paprika16 lei
pastry with chicken breast, sun dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, Cajun spice, tomato sauce19 lei
smoked mackerel, baked potato, carrot, fennel, spring onion, apple, alio olio sauce, lemon19 lei
two sunny side up eggs, camembert, baked potato, mustard seeds, spring onion, salad21 lei

Salads & pasta

Salad: Criollo
green salad, arugula, spring onion, cheese, avocado, cucumber, toast, chimichurri sauce26 lei
Salad: Valencia
salad, parmesan, sun-dried tomato, oregano, fennel, peanuts, honey, avocado, crouton23 lei
Pasta: Tanzerin
penne with veal strip loin, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, sage, thyme, tomato sauce, yellow cheese29 lei
Pasta: Bonaire
penne with blue cheese, parmesan, yellow cheese, cherry tomatoes, basil, tomatoes sauce, Gran Cucina25 lei

Main course

Chicken: Thani
chicken breast, coconut milk, green curry, ginger, basmati rice, sesame, butter, green salad with lemon31 lei
Chicken: Akita
chicken breast, homemade teriyaki sauce (ginger, soy sauce, white wine, garlic, sugar), sesame mix, roasted pepper sauce, oregano, tomatoes, butter, cherry tomato, basmati rice29 lei
Veal: Formanova
veal strip loin, chimichurri sauce, oregano, thyme, sesame, beetroot, potatoes, basil, arugula, parmesan36 lei
Veal: Tomodachi
veal strip loin, homemade teriyaki sauce (ginger, soy sauce, white wine, garlic, sugar), peanuts, pineapple, sesame mix, basmati rice, butter37 lei