Urban fun

Because we want to have fun in everything we do, we turned our menu into an experiment in urban food, with a Lente twist.
We make our own buns and the Angus veal meat is carefully spiced for creative burgers, with unexpected names.
We take pride in our slow cooked duck, veal or pork, perfectly spiced and prepared,
that you can find in sandwiches, salads or poutins.
On Wednesdays, it's your turn: for Binge Burger, teach us what the perfect burger means to you
and, if the chef is convinced, you might find you recipe in one of our future menus.

The attic at 78, Dionisie Lupu, is a heaven of more than 100 boardgames.
They bring fun to parties of 2, 3 or more and we hope you'll have a great time.

Urban food some of our favorites

Burgers & sandwiches

Burger Lovegood
Angus ground beef, homemade bun, cheddar, slow cooked pork1, mushrooms, tomato, red onion, salad, Cajun spices, homemade teriyaki sauce, chilli sauce, bbq sauce, fries35 lei
Burger Les Tripletes
Angus ground beef, homemade bun, cheddar, gouda, mozzarella, fries, tomato, pickled cucumbers, salad, red onion, mayonnaise, ketchup33 lei
Sandwich Runanga
ciabatta with slow cooked veal brisket, mustard, barbeque sauce, red onion, pickled cucumbers, mayonnaise, salad leaves, fries25 lei


slow cooked duck, salad leaves, grapefruit, orange, fennel, red onion, blue cheese, vinaigrette, sumac, croutons25 lei
slow cooked veal brisket, salad leaves, olives, tomatoes, red and spring onion, pepper, parmesan, croutons, vinegar25 lei
smoked salmon, salad leaves, parsley, carrot, alio olio sauce, croutons27 lei

Main dishes

Skewers Batroun
veal strip loin, brown mushrooms, carrot salad with alio olio sauce, red cabbage, white cabbage, parsley, red onion, tomato, fries, flatbread35 lei
Wok Yunfu
veal strip loin, rice noodles, broccoli, brown mushrooms, ginger, chilli, red pepper, soy beans, peanuts, egg, teriyaki sauce, fish sauce 25 lei
Poutin Warwick
slow cooked pork, mayonnaise, ketchup, homemade Mornay sauce, barbeque sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, fries25 lei

Glad to have you over for boardgames, lunch, an office away from the office

Great house, lovely and diverse food, great serving. Also, the attic is the best place in town to play boardgames.

Radu Andrei

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Friday, Saturday: 11:30 - 01:00

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