Welcome to your living room

We started our journey in 2008, in Praporgescu, where Lente defined itself as a quiet, intimate place,
where good, chill music sets up your mood for a good day or evening.
These days, it is the home of the chef, and a perfect place for quiet chats and great dinners.

Arcului was our next stop in time, a quiet and welcoming building with a beautiful,
green garden, an oasis a stone-throw away from the noise and the heat of the city.
We open our doors to beauty in all its forms, from movies and music, to engaging books and colorful plates.

Dionisie Lupu is our take on the nowadays, urban style of menu and entertainment.
Boardgames and burgers, but also street art inside, great vibes and fun people find their
home below the roof of this imposing house.

Dolce and lente far niente to all of you!

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We are happy to have you over, in pairs, in smaller or larger groups, to eat, play, or work in an unconventional setting.

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If it's easier to get in touch by e-mail, you can drop us a line at cafea@lente.ro. We'll get back to you quickly, with good news.
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