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Lente is – first of all – a concept. From the very beginning (14 years ago in 2018!), it was created to offer you a good mood. Although all our 2 locations are in the heart of the city and in the middle of all its razzle-dazzle, we hope our places will feel as an ode for relaxation and pampering, like a cocoon, a small little universe.

Each of our 2 locations has its own vibe, easily distinguished by the ambience, the various types of dishes and the old architecture that meets modern urban art. It can represent the place to meet your friends to share stories or play a board game, your unconventional office, or the opportunity to discover something new about food, art or lifestyle.

A family with 2 members and 2 different personalities:

Lente (Dionisie Lupu 78) - urban and artistic

Lente (Arcului 8) - familiar and comfortable

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We are happy to have you over, in pairs, in smaller or larger groups, to eat, play, or work in an unconventional setting.

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