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  1. Dear Lente Dionisie

    I would like to book lunch on Tuesday 17th May at 12.30pm for 11 people. We are a group that have rented space in Nodmaker Space and will be working there during the day.

    Would we be able to preorder a selection of food that can be put in the middle of the table for us, rather than individual orders on the day?

    If this is possible, we would order:
    4 still water and 4 sparkling water (big bottles)
    2 big fanta
    2 pasta brielle
    2 salad caprino
    2 puta afania
    2 lempa
    3 cartofi
    2 legume coapte
    3 coffees / cappuccinos

    Ideally, we would need an invoice to be able to pay for these lunches, with the payment details on the invoice as below.

    Let me know if this is possible, and any further information you require.

    Kate Sorrell

    Company: American International School of Bucharest LLC – Filiala din Romania
    CIF 12460266
    Address: Sos. Pipera Tunari 196, Voluntari, Ilfov, Postal Code 077190, Romania
    Account No: RO42 RZBR 0000 0600 0240 8050/RON Currency
    Account No: RO62 RZBR 0000 0600 1634 6784/EUR Currency
    Bank: Raifeisen Bank S.A – SMB, Grigore Alexandrescu Street, Bucharest, Sector 1

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